The campaign and electioneering process in Nigeria has consistently failed to deliver the best minds that Nigeria has to offer. How a nation whose citizens are at the cutting edge globally consistently produces a leadership that fails to provide the very basic services for modern human living ought to be baffling to a thinking society, but Nigerians have been reduced by poverty to demanding only for the barest essentials of existence. We must, as a matter of urgency begin to put our best feet forward for political office and the forefront rather that continuing to promote the lie that politics is for the inherently dishonest ones among us.

The need for a more robust pool for the electorate to choose from cannot be overemphasized. We need to evolve a more transparent system that situates the power to choose at the discretion of the majority of our people. We must ensure that the people are also equipped with the sophistication to make informed and considered choices for leadership positions.